Message From Conference Organisers For Attendees Of 4th Pamca Annual Conference In Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Message From Conference Organisers For Attendees Of 4th Pamca Annual Conference In Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

The conference will be held as planned and all invited and plenary speakers have confirmed their attendance. Abstract acceptance notifications have been sent to participants and we are glad to report that the majority of those notified are in the process of arranging their travel and accommodation for their stay in Burkina Faso.   If you have any queries after reading the information below, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Head of the Burkina Faso Chapter and local organizing committee lead Dr. Abdoulaye Diabate at npiediab@gmail.com



The conference will take place at Hotel Laico. If you are travelling from outside Burkina Faso, your entry point will be the international airport of Ouagadougou. Hotel Laico is 20 minutes drive from the airport.

The hotel provides a regular shuttle from the airport to the hotel and back. If you need transfer from the airport to the hotel, please make a request when booking your room or send an email to pamcabf@gmail.com. The shuttle back to the airport should be booked at the front desk of the hotel at least 5-6 hours before departure.

For those wishing to stay outside Hotel Laico, Palace hotel and Ouaga Beach Hotel are both 5 minutes’ walk from conference venue (Hotel Laico) you can reserve your accommodation with any of these. Both hotels also provide shuttle services between the airport and the hotel. Rooms can also be booked at Sopatel Silmande, which is about 40 minutes’ drive from the conference venue. Morning rush hour can increase journey time to Hotel Laico, so please allow for additional travel time when making transport arrangements.

The shuttle services are available with all the hotels upon request; please make your request in advance when booking your accommodation or by sending an email to pamcabf@gmail.com.

Taxi-cabs are also available at the airport, however for safety and security, we recommend that you should only use authorized airport taxi service providers. These are identifiable as blue cars. The cost for a one-way transfer is about US$10.



Hotel Laico is located in the presidential area in Ouaga 2000 and this is where most of the embassies are located. Security is reinforced in this perimetre. The hotel Laico also has very good security systems in place. The conference organizers have taken the precaution to request special assistance from the security department to ensure security at the airport and around the hotel during the conference.

However, we advise that you take precautions you would take travelling to any large city. Avoid deserted areas such as dark streets at night and avoid places where there are crowds. Avoid carrying valuables with you on the street, and keep expensive cameras or electronic equipment in your bag. If you are concerned about the safety of your valuables while at the venue, please speak with the organizers. As a reminder, never leave your wallet and passport unattended while traveling, and have photocopies of all identification and credit cards in case of loss or theft.


EMERGENCY SERVICES (Medical, Fire, Police)

Dial 16 or 17 in case of an emergency from any local phone line. If you become ill during your visit, please alert a member of the organizing committee. If there is a medical emergency, dial 18 from any phone. PAMCA cannot cover the cost of medical expenses, so we strongly recommend arranging your own travel insurance prior to travelling to Burkina Faso.



A foreign currency exchange bureau is available at the airport. The local currency, the Franc CFA is the only currency accepted in many places. ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) are located at the airport and also at the host hotel. Few ATMs accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards. We highly recommend completing your ATM transactions or currency exchange at the airport before travelling to the conference site.

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